Proud to sponsor SDR Progression

SDR progression

We’re proud to announce that Propertri has made a donation to SDR Progression. SDR Progression is a very special organisation that works with children with cerebral palsy to improve their mobility using strength and conditioning exercises. 

SDR Progression is seeking to help raise awareness of cerebral palsy through their social media platform, associated charities and affiliates’ involvement and focus on rehabilitating the children and adults affected by this condition. Their aim is to make their clients feel included and to maintain a level of normality in their day to day lives and to feel a part of the SDR Progression family.

Our donation will go towards the production of a ‘one off’ special edition T-shirt for each SDR Progression client. This T-shirt will have the SDR Progression logo on the front, plus a logo from each of their affiliates, including Propertri, on the reverse. 

SDR Progression clients have loved wearing logoed T-shirts, which they wear for charity events and on their own social media. To do this they need help from sponsors to help create the T-shirts.

Part of the funds will also go towards providing a uniform, which Drew Walcott, the owner of SDR Progression will wear daily and, as a result, be seen on all videos and images posted by him and clients. 

If you would also like to make a donation contact the team at Propertri or head over to the SDR Progression website.

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